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Specializing in Japanese and Thai cuisine.


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The driver felt it was necessary that they remind me I had elected to pay cash for the tip. Also, they did not get out of the car. This is not a dangerous location, with security and other citizens milling about. Tips are earned not demanded.

But the food from Vine was good per usual, they even included extra sauce that's so delicious!!


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We were visiting Durham for several days, when storm Diego slammed the city. Thank goodness for Grubhub. We didn't dare go driving as our car had already been run over by a sanding truck, while we were In it. It was our first time using this service and we were tremendously pleased with the service and all the options.


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Vine is my favorite place. The food is always delicious, even if its not authentically Thai or Japanese. My only warning would be that I live very close and get my delivery 30 mins. earlier than the estimate (omg so bad, right? ).


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Vine makes tidy, little, affordable, yummy rolls. Their seaweed salad is outstanding and a decent portion for the money. I gave my ailing Housemate my order of miso soup, and never looked back. I'd do it all again.


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The food was delicious and exactly as ordered (minus one pair of chopsticks--oh well). It also got delivered 30 minutes before the estimated time, which was great news for me. I'll definitely be ordering again.

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Good food, fast arrival, no complaints.


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Delicious delicious sushi


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Always quick and good.


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Great! Food was early!


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Thanks for the food :)

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